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>>> welsh it is 1:00 a.m. in the east and the race in ohio is over. mitt romney an apparent winner after a close race that has taken all night. that is the race that we will be tracking throughout the night. romney winning a slim victory over rick santorum in ohio. in tennessee, rick santorum is the projected winner of the tennessee republican primary, and rick santorum also the projected winner oklahoma, and also the projected winner the north dakota caucuses. in the idaho caucuses, mitt romney won a decisive victory. in massachusetts, mitt romney is the winner. nbc news has allocated all of that state's delegates to romney, the former governor. newt gingrich is the projected winner in his home state of georgia and the two man race by the way, romney is the projected winner over ron paul, and newt gingrich and rick santorum did not make it on to the ballot. and timely in the green mountain state, mitt romney is the projected winner. and howard fineman, i love to get this from you, because you are a bottom line guy, and reporting all night. in addition to the bottom line where it l
states of america. thanks, you guys. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney speaking in massachusetts tonight. addressing his supporters. we do not yet know the results in ohio. it's still too close to call in that race. as you saw, the numbers going by while mr. romney was speaking, the numbers on your screen. we've all been watching those numbers coming in in ohio, wondering what's going to happen. the difference between rick santorum and mitt romney is just 10,000 votes. a lot of that still to come in. that's just a fascinating race to be watching right now. rick santorum has won in oklahoma and tennessee. but ohio we knew was going to be the big prize tonight. to have that still undecided at this point is remarkable. >> it's an amazing night for people who care about this country. and it's politics, everything will turn on this. we've been watching the trend over the last week or so. it's been all in romney's favor. all the big money, he poured tremendous advertising this weekend. we saw there were a lot of people deciding for him. tonight we're learning the late
campaign. >> romney finished third in both southern states. >> mitt romney forced to spend $2 million in mississippi and alabama. >> he said in alabama i'm going to win here. >> tell me what mitt romney needs to say. >> he's got a message problem and narrative problem? the messaging question. >> he's busy talking about cheesy grits and y'all and going around trying to be a regular guy. >> the vast number of the base does not want him. >> if you are the front runner and you come in third you are not much of a front runner. >> if i'm a weak front runner, what does that make newt gingrich. >> what happened to newt gingrich last night? >> newt gingrich vowing to roll on to tampa. >> i emphasize going to tampa. >> newt vowed to take his fight to tampa in he made it clear he is not getting out. >> gingrich is in this thing until the end. >> what state do you think you can win. >> i don't know yet. >> newt gingrich is swimming in a sea of delusion. >> it is hard for us to get inside of the great man's mind. >> newt craves attention as many of us politics do. >> why is this guy in the race. >
santorum. this is a major victory for rick santorum and major defeat for mitt romney and newt gingrich. hours ago they were saying santorum's campaign was running on fumes. >> the reagan tradition of visionary conservatism is based on proverbs and the very deep belief that without vision the people perish. i believe we need a visionary leader who is prepared to talk about a dramatically better future with dramatically more jobs, dramatically more energy and a much safer and stronger america. i think that's the key to winning this fall. not all this petty baloney, but the really big choices. and as i went around both states talking about $2.50 gasoline, having all sorts of folks in the elite media say, oh, that's not possible, then finally on saturday in "the wall street journal," jennings wrote a piece entitled "newt gingrich is right about gasoline." he walked through step by step why it was possible. and the fact is, it is very possible. and then yesterday steven moore reported in "the wall street journal" -- these numbers are so amazing and i think the fact i'm willing to talk about
with the republican nomination turning into a complicated math problem. willard m. romney seems to think the solution is cheesy grits. >> morning, y'all. good to be with you. >> just 24 hours from two important southern primaries. >> tomorrow's southern showdown. >> romney leads with 31, but right behind him gingrich at 30. >> newt's got to show well in alabama and mississippi. >> i think the big surprise is how well mitt romney seems to be doing. >> mitt is predicting a victory in the alabama contest. >> mitt romney needs to prove he can win in the south. >> so let's talk math, shall we? >> the official delegate count is romney at 377, santorum at 146. >> romney's delegate lead being virtually unbeatable. >> a lot of these delegates are uncommitted. >> rick santorum is not giving up on this math question. >> the math is not the issue. >> it really is. >> the issue is vision. >> mitt romney's math is just like mitt romney's conservatism. it's bogus. >> it's keeping romney from willing. >> willard has managed to turn on the southern charm. >> eating grits, i think cheesy grits he called them. >> i've
teleprompter, coming back at mitt romney saying america doesn't need a manager in washington, d.c. we need someone to pull up government by the roots and throw it out in case the contrast wasn't clear enough. nbc's coverage of the republican presidential primaries continues now with lawrence o'donnell on the last word. good evening, mr. o'donnell. >> rachael, we heard a lot from rick santorum. we heard from mitt romney. but we didn't hear enough from you. those guys took up all of your time. i got an empty chair over here. why don't you run across the hall. >> okay. >> i'm sitting here all alone. >> i'll be there in 27 seconds. >> all right. >> thanks. >> nbc news projects mitt romney will win the illinois primary after his campaign and his superpac outspent rick santorum by a 7-1 margin. that includes santorum's superpac spending. mitt romney will not win all 54 delegates. they will be split among the 18 congressional districts. and among the winners, the majority of voters also said the economy was the most important issue in this race. and tonight, mitt romney used his victory speech to
that governor romney's made in the past. >> msnbc political analyst steve schmidt, senior strategist for mccain/palin '08. thanks for your time. great to have you here on nights like this. >> you bet you. >>> our coverage of the primaries continues right now with lawrence o'donnell on "the last word." good evening, lawrence. i'm handing off to you at an exciting moment. >> you are indeed, rachel. it's so exciting. i need you to run across the hall. i've got an empty bar stool here if you can make it. are you going home right now or can you sneak over? >> no, i'm taking off my microphone right now. >> okay. >>> we have breaking news tonight. rick santorum wins alabama. and republicans are having a three-way in mississippi. >> it is a deep pride primary day down in dixie. >> it's southern super tuesday. >> the battle for the deepest of the deep red southern states, mississippi and alabama. >> we thought super tuesday was going to give some finality to this race, and it didn't. >> this is a race that has been going on and on and on. >> this is going to go way, way, way into the spring. >> you
. >> they could have carried mitt romney over the ohio finish line. >> if santorum did better with women, he could have pulled it out in ohio. >> it is mathematically improbable that rick santorum can be the nominee. >> we need a person running against president obama. >> newt gingrich needs to drop out right now for that to happen. >> lots money to run through, i'm the tortoise, i take one step at a time. >> newt won his home state and nothing else yesterday, why is he staying in the race? >> seriously, michael steele, what is going on with mitt romney? >> this is the guy, this is who he is. >> and in 2012, we're going to get him out of the white house. >> he won the most states, he won the most delegates. >> you have to give him his due. >> why does mitt romney still look like a big bowl of cold mashed peas? >> you don't need people that will crawl across broken glass to vote for mitt romney. >> the reality will settle in and they'll understand, mitt romney is going to be the nominee. >> if you don't run chris christie, mitt romney will be the nominee and we'll lose. we'll lose. >>> the limbaugh
romney in all of this? >> 39% of americans have an unfavorable view of women. >> maybe he should stop talking about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. >> maybe even a bit of a muppet. >> a net loss of 11 points. >> he's lost control of his public image. >> the president reads romney six points. >> his approval rating is 50%. >> 50% of americans now approve of how president obama is doing his job. >> this race has really hurt the republican brand. >> look at the front run are, mitt romney. i know romney looks like a president, but we don't always get the job we look right for. if we did, i'd be the king of the snakes! >>> good evening from washington. with advertisers fleeing his radio show over the weekend on saturday, rush limbaugh did something he absolutely never does. he issued a written apology. this time to sandra fluke, the georgetown student he called a slut and a prostitute on his show last week, realizing that that wasn't good enough to preserve his advertising-driven income of more than $50 million a year. rush limbaugh began his radio show today with an
>>> mitt romney may be on his way to a win in illinois tomorrow. but he is still not on his way to winning enough delegates to get the republican nomination for president. and that is very good news for the obama reelection campaign. >> for the men of 2012, things are getting wild on the campaign trail. >> mitt romney and rick santorum battling head to head for illinois. >> can rick santorum really win this thing? >> romney is ahead in the polls in illinois. >> likely republican voters in illinois favor romney 45% to rick santorum's 30%. >> rick santorum is nothing if not a fighter. >> governor romney's on the same page as president obama on all of these issues. unfortunately, mitt romney and barack obama are on the same pace. >> there are plenty of delegates out there for us. >> he is looking toward a brokered convention and planning on that. >> i don't think it's going to happen. it's never happened. >> it's just going to be a big, nasty mess. >> they have ann romney going after that female vote. >> republicans are getting killed with women. >> republican opposition to contrac
the three guys by name right now. >> because vice president joe biden did. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich. >> newton leroy gingrich. >> should newt gingrich get out of the race? in order to unify conservatives? >> i don't think newt's going to get out. >> he needles at rick santorum and divides the conservative vote. >> this is his last hoorah. he's having fun. >> this is personal between him and mitt romney. >> guess what, i made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm not going to apologize for that. >> oh, now he's talking about how rich he is. >> i've got money, so what? >> just like al gore, mitt romney's taking too much advice. >> at the end of the day republicans want to beat barack obama and we're going to rally behind him. it's going to start raining mitt it's raining mitt >>> martin short, ladies and gentlemen. if you think the republican clown car of republican presidential candidates had problems before today, well now the "a" team is coming after them. president obama and vice president joe biden delivered speeches at exactly the same time today. the pre
of republicans waging this fight now? >> you have a potential misstep by mitt romney. >> mitt romney yesterday saying for about an hour that he did not support the amendment. >> i'm not going there. and then reversing course. >> i didn't understand the question. of course i support the amendment. >> it's a classic mitt romney move, is it not? >> he took should be an easy slam dunk and served it to a controversy. >> it does not serve mitt romney well to talk about the issues. >> he doesn't have the common touch. this is why he keeps making all the mistakes. >> democrats are terrified of him. >> if you don't run chris christ christie, romney will be the nominee, and we'll lose. >> we have to find a replacement for this robotic plutocrat who could hold the attention of the can of tuna. today the united states senate defeated the controversial blunt amendment to allow employers to deny insurance coverage of any medical treatment for any reason, based on any religious or moral objection. but by a surprisingly close vote of 51-48, with retiring senator olympius snow of maine. >> the closeness of the
. in the rewrite tonight, fox news hat the biggest lie anyone has tried to tell about mitt romney. we will tell you that one tonight. >>> and later the president's position is now, you can call it obamacare, just don't call it unconstitutional. we will have the latest from inside of the supreme court today. as a chef we are always committed to our suppliers... you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen. to me, that's the membership effect. >>> administration this week be forced to the admit to the supreme court the biggest secret about the president's health care bill, that they actually have no intention or any real mechanism for enforcing the individual mandate? if they do admit that, would that make the bill constitutional? we will ta
will be tolerated, but not rewarded. >> it's dysfunctional. >> mitt romney survived the night, but it wasn't pretty. >> is he really even popular? >> we didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough, and that's all that counts. >> wow, there's a resounding weste winner's speech. >> he's not going to put this away. he's not going to close the deal through charm. >> have we ever seen a presumptive winner still who is is meh. >> it seems right here. trees are the right height. >> he can't help it. >> i like seeing the lakes. i love the lakes. >> he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. >>> president obama had a great day in michigan yesterday, without even going to michigan. while 59% of the michigan voter who is went to the polls yesterday were voting against republican front-runner mitt romney, allowing him only a three-point margin in his native state. president obama was in washington, addressing the united auto workers, who like most voters in michigan, remain grateful to the president for saving the american auto industry. >> i placed my bet on the american worker and i'll make that bet any day
cain example one romney people want to talk about? >> we have a way of forgetting about the last two or years. >> sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> how do you like the idea that julian moore will be playing you? >> they are calling it a work of historical fiction. you stand by the film and make it accurate and truthful. >> the difference between the hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. >> she is a good actress. >> this is sarah. >> i think i will great me teeth and bear whatever comes what may with that movie. >> the pressure is building on newt gingrich to dropout of the race for the nomination. conservative leader gary bauer who was the most extreme right winger in the republican primary field in 2000. he said a poll of 200,000 activists shows the vast majority are uniting behind candidate and that's rick santorum. having run myself they felt it can be when you are in the arena and step aside. they made it clear that there is a strong conservative majority in the primaries, but that vote is divided. rick santorum in alabama is asking voters to knock newt gingrich out of the race.
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